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Venetian Snares – All new live show
Apr 2016 30

Venetian Snares – All new live show


Times: 9PM - 2AM

Soundcrash presents…

VENETIAN SNARES – All new live show.


DMX Krew

White Peak


It’s time to get nasty….A night of aggressive, unheard music at Hackney Wick’s most prestigious warehouse space.

When we listen to a piece of music, our minds are constantly anticipating what will come next. Melody, structure, and repetition allow us to have expectations of what will follow, and how a piece meets or defies our expectations determines in large part our overall impression.

What happens when melody, repetition, and structure are removed from a song? Our ability to predict what comes next is destroyed. You can’t imagine the future – you can’t remember the past. We can exist only moment to moment.  This music is impossible to get stuck in your head, it’s impossible to recall once it’s finished. All that remains is the experience.

Venetian Snares, in his first true live electronics set, presents an evening of aggressive, unheard music/anti-music.

Supporting is CW/A –  the live project from long-time friends and studio partners Thomas Feriero and Francesco Leali. Accomplished musicians in their own right (with their Avatism & Clockwork aliases), they joined forces in 2013 to begin anew and take the act of performance into the club. Since their inception, the duo has forged a unique path through performances at Sonar, Exit, Audioriver, DGTL and Fabric whilst releasing on Vakant, M_REC and their own Parachute Records.CW/A bri ng a refreshing new level of spontaneity in their live performance, which has now translated into their first full-length: Words Unspoken, Acts Undone.

While many acts in the continuing electro-funk revival of the late ’90s hid behind aliases and updated the sound considerably, Ed Upton’s DMX Krew made few concessions. He has released 6 full albums on Aphex Twin‘s label Rephlex Records, one full album on Legowelt‘s Strange Life Records, and numerous others. DMX Krew‘s sound spans several electronic music genres but had mostly been rooted in early electro-pop/breakdance type music.

“Brutally dissonant, mind-blowingly complex and very, very nasty.” – BBC

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