Sat 4 Dec 2021

Red Snapper

From £19.50

Red Snapper bring their groundbreaking live show to Jazz Cafe for a spellbinding live performance.

Red Snapper are best known for their unique sound and passionate live performances where they embrace dark funk, hip-hop, dub, psychedelic surf, afro-jazz and beautiful, fragile soundscapes.

Formed in 1994, Drummer – Rich Thair, Double Bassist – Ali Friend and Guitarist – David Ayers released three EPs on Rich Thair and Dean Thatcher’s label Flaw Recordings. The first EP ‘Snapper’ featured Beth Orton on vocals.

The compilation of the EPs ‘Reeled and Skinned’ was released on Warp Records who consequently released the acclaimed Prince Blimey in 1996 (with Ollie Moore from Pigbag on sax and Anna Haigh on vocals).

The following album ‘Making Bones’ which featured MC Det and Alison David on mic duties was heralded as ‘pioneering’ music. Their final album on Warp ‘Our Aim is To Satisfy Red Snapper’ once again featured MC Det and guest vocalist Karim Kendra.

Over these initial years the band toured globally and supported the likes of Massive Attack, Bjork, The Prodigy, De La Soul and The Fugees. They also acquired a reputation for innovative and expansive remixing – reworking tunes by Trouble Funk, Garbage, Lamb and Edwyn Collins amongst others.

After a break, in 2003 the band released the eponymous ‘Red Snapper’ on Lo Recordings, a mix of new tracks and live recordings.

Following more touring Lo Recordings released ‘A Pale Blue Dot’ in 2007 with Tom Challenger joining the band on sax and clarinet.

The album ‘Key’ was released on V2 Records in 2011 and featured vocals by Eliza Carthy and Gavin Clarke (Clayhill and Unkle).


Ink Project & Coreysan

Jazz Cafe, London

Camden, London

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