Wed 12 Oct 2022

Lucky Chops – London

From £22.50 + Booking Fee

Lucky Chops comes at you with every hue on the rainbow.


Lucky Chops is big, brassy, and unapologetically bold. The six piece band has united audiences in more

than 30 countries in thousands of shows, hard driving grooves and potent singable melodies. The

irresistible groove that is Lucky Chops is led by co-founder Josh Holcomb’s soulful trombone, Daro

Behroozi’s soaring sax and Joshua Gawel’s powerful trumpet.

Born in the streets of New York City’s multicultural melting pot the band pays homage to America’s New

Orleans brass band tradition while fusing their sound with eclectic rock, Caribbean, Arabic, Eastern

European, funk, jazz, ska, gospel, and EDM.

“Our strength is having individual members who get to express themselves as part of a whole that is more

than the sum of its parts,” says Behroozi, a Brooklyn native whose polyglot Iranian/Dutch/French/German

background has led to his interest in everything from Middle Eastern sounds to the tradition of the Balkan

brass bands.


Starting in the underground halls of New York City’s subway stations, Lucky Chops first learned to entertain

by busking for crowds from all over the world. Their talent did not go unnoticed, as a video of their mash-up


Islington Assembly Hall

Islington, London

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