Sat 21 Oct 2023

Hidden Orchestra

Hidden Orchestra are a musical ensemble formed by composer and producer Joe Acheson. The group’s sound can be described as a unique fusion of jazz, electronic, and classical elements. They incorporate live instruments like strings, horns, and percussion, along with intricate electronic production, to create evocative and cinematic compositions. 
Supporting Hidden Orchestra will be Arms & Sleepers. Arms and Sleepersis the electronic music act founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 2006. Over the years, the group has amassed over 30 releases, 2,500 live performances, and countless TV and Film music placements in their 17year history. With a long and active history in the music industry, Arms and Sleepers has carved out its own unique place within the underground electronic music scene, building a loyal following along the way. 
You can witness the magic of Hidden Orchestra and Arms & Sleepers at Earth Hackney on Saturday the 21st of October as part of their ‘To Dream Is To Forget’ tour, featuring an all new AV show!
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EartH, Hackney

Hackney, London