Thu 24 Oct 2024

GoGo Penguin x TENENTNET present APOPHENIA

A mesmerising feature-length live audio-visual experience. Celebrated cinematic break-beat trio GoGo Penguin present APOPHENIA, a feature-length live audio-visual experience created in collaboration with TENENTNET a cognitive design studio in London. The seeds for Apophenia were planted when the band worked with creative director Jordan Copeland and his team on the videos for their recent album Everything Is Going to Be Ok and the band drew inspiration from their use of new techniques and technology.

Together they have created Apophenia, an exhilarating journey into your own psychological hardware, exploring the subjective relationships between aural and visual perception. GoGo Penguin are noted for their captivating live performances and here their dynamic, emotionally expansive music feeds a ground-breaking visual experience, created by TENENTNET for the big screen using racks of futuristic technology, as the band’s live performance drives the audio-reactive visuals.

Outernet London

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