Wed 1 Mar 2023

Dobrawa Czocher

Dobrawa Czocher is a Polish cellist born into a musical family who started playing at the age of 7. She soon became inseparable from the cello and from there it was a natural decision to dedicate her life to music. She is graduate of two prestigious music universities: Chopin University of Music in Warsaw as a student of Professor Piotr Hausenplas’s class and Hochschule für Musik in Detmold in Germany under Professor Alexander Gebert. She is also the winner of several solo and chamber music competitions. She has participated in numerous international master classes and music festivals.

Between 2008 and 2010 she was a scholar of the National Fund for Children On. In 2017 Czocher became a member of Junge Deutsche Philharmonie and in September the same year she became principal cellist of the Neue Philharmonie Berlin . In 2018 she joined the Szczecin Symphony Orchestra as a solo cellist. Czocher has also performed in many prestigious concert halls in Poland and abroad including in Germany, Lebanon, Serbia, Austria, Turkey, Portugal, United Kingdom and many more.

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