Fri 29 Mar 2024

DJ Fat Tony


Faith in Strangers, Margate

Internet superstar and world renowned DJ, Fat Tony, is returning to Faith in Strangers, Margate! After a sell out show in 2023, this one promises to bring us more of the same!

DJ Fat Tony, the club legend and digital virtuoso, has a vibrant career both as a DJ and a showbiz personality. With a penchant for eclectic mixes, he’s orchestrated unforgettable experiences in diverse venues, from intimate clubs to unconventional spaces.

Off the turntables, Tony is known as one with a harmonious mix of wit and charm. He’s crafted a digital empire intertwining music industry insights with humour, sharing snippets of his musical escapades and life’s quirky moments. Whether spinning vinyl or creating web content, DJ Fat Tony brings a distinct feeling to every space he enters, leaving a trail of laughter and unforgettable club moments in his wake.


Faith In Strangers

Ethelbert Cres, Cliftonville, Margate

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