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Plaid vs Red Snapper
Nov 2010 20

Plaid vs Red Snapper


Tickets: £15 advance, £20 on the door

Old and new mastery of the electronic music world is represented at KOKO on the 20th November as Soundcrash rounds up three giants from the movement and three fast-rising new-comers and sticks them all on to one huge, opulent, bass-driven stage!

With a hugely eclectic career under their belts Plaid are currently going for the record of the most anticipated album of all time; ‘Scintilli’ has been on the cards for a year now and with still no release date penned-in we’re looking especially forwards to this appearance in Camden’s hallowed music-hall where we’re told we can expect some previews of their new material!

Formally signed to the spiritual home of progressive electronic dance music Warp Records, Red Snapper have now found their new home on Lo, with a shift from live techno-esque beatery to a more Jazzy flavour that has been capturing audiences around the world since their re-emergence last year. Their hugely energetic live shows are perfected by the supreme musicianship on show and we’re well excited about seeing it again on the Soundcrash stage!

What needs to be said about Luke Vibert? One of the very few acts to have been signed to Warp and Ninja; a man who’s fans are that loyal and, well, real, that he doesn’t feel the need for facebooks and myspaces and the like; a man with over twenty years of fine musical production under his belt and one of the most relaxed performers we know of. Luke Vibert, aka Wagon Christ, aka Plug, aka a-whole-host-of-other-aliases is coming back to KOKO to rip it up once more.

Conneticut native and San Francisco inhabitant Eskmo is Ninja Tune’s newest signing, and the young producer couldn’t find a more suitable home for his dark, textured, bass-heavy future-funk. With his awesome debut album ‘Eskmo’ coming out on the 24th October this young beatsmith is set for big things, why not come and be among the first to see him in full-live action?

Masaaki Yoshida, better known as Anchorsong to you and I, is a proponent of some of the lovliest electronic soundscapes you can find, anywhere. Sometimes alone with his drum-machine and keyboard, at others accompanied by a glamorous string-quartet, always a phonic treat – here’s yet one more rising star brought by Soundcrash to you for your discerning delectation.

Leeds’ glitchtronic outfit Stateless have been winning acclaim everywhere they have graced the stage in the last couple of years, and with a new album expected on ninja Tune in early 2011 the only way is up for Kid Kanevil and friends.


  • Plaid
  • Red Snapper
  • Luke Vibert
  • Eskmo
  • Stateless
  • Anchorsong

2nd room hosted by I LOVE ACID


AGT Rave Cru
(I Love Acid / Balkan Vinyl)
The Chas and Dave of Rave, AGT run at a hundred-tracks-an-hour on
stage, mashing up rave anthems, acid house, warehouse basslines, old
skool classics, 80’s electro, and whatever else happens to be tickling
them at the time…all at lightning speed without ever missing a beat.
Firmly tongue-in-cheek, like a hyperactive 2manydjs meets Altern8 in
Orbital glasses and hi-viz vests – it might not always be clever: but
it certainly is BIG

(WIDE / Novamute / Balkan Vinyl)
Regarded as one of undisputed the leaders of the UK Bass scene,
Debasser first launched onto the scene with the electroid anthems
“Dark Smile” and “Fat Girls” and has since championed the up-front
bassline sound with his own imprint WIDE. Recent live jaunts from
across the UK, Malta, & Dublin, Debasser has shown he’s lost none of
his touch for rocking the dancefloor.

Tudor Acid
(Tudor Beats / Balkan Vinyl)
Bristolian acid-hardware specialist Tudor Acid has been pushing the
boundaries of experimental acid, with a series of releases on his own
label Tudor Beats, as well as remixes, collaborative tracks, and
original material by Luke Vibert and Radioactiveman (who is reputedly
now using a “Radioacid-Box” built by Tudor Acid himself!)

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