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Martin Kohlstedt
Oct 2019 29

Martin Kohlstedt

Courtyard Theatre

Tickets: £16.50

Times: 19:00 - 23:00

+ James Heather

Martin Kohlstedt, producer, pianist & composer with a contemporary approach of mixing classical and avantgarde music styles.

Having begun his musical journey as a trained jazz pianist, Kohlstedt went on to leave his mark across the electronic dance floors of Europe, working with bands Marbert Rocel & Karocel. Alongside this, he began his composition, scoring the movies of international film-makers, audiobooks and theatre. 

Today, he has turned his attention back to the piano, using a contemporary experimental approach to classical and avantgarde styles. To perform, for Kohlstedt, is not simply to enact but to hold genuine musical conversation with his instruments. During extensive live touring across Germany & Europe, he has been able to refine and develop his compositions, incorporating the piano and electronic instrumentation. For him, music is never set in stone but a matter to be perpetually negotiated; something which brings a unique and powerful improvisational tone to his performance. He describes this as “modular composing”, a theory and approach which has caught the imagination of many, and led to him being invited to a TEDx talk in 2017.

With three stunning albums behind him, Kohlstedt continues to experiment and capture the imaginations of audiences and other creatives alike. His previous albums have been reinterpreted and influenced the likes of Christian Loffler, Douglas Dare, & Mathias Kaden. In addition to this, he’s worked with the likes of Rough Trade, finetunes and Broken Silence.

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