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Kid Koala – 12 Bit Blues! The Vinyl Vaudeville Tour
Oct 2012 11

Kid Koala – 12 Bit Blues! The Vinyl Vaudeville Tour

7pm-11pm at O2 Academy Islington

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Tickets: £12.50 Early Birds, £15 advance, M.O.T.D.

To celebrate the release of Kid Koala’s incredible new album, the SP1200 opus ’12 bit Blues’, Kid Koala is heading out on the road.

As is often the case in the Kid Koala universe, the Vinyl Vaudeville tour will involve madness and mayhem up to and including (but not limited to) puppets, dancing robots, dancing girls and gigantic cardboard turntables. That’s what people expect and, as usual, the Kid delivers, with a sweetness of outlook and genuine silliness which is hard not to love. But at root, the show is about nothing more than the incredible musicianship of Eric San.

“12 Bit Blues” was made by San using the classic SP1200 sampler (very old, very basic, but with a raw sound you’ll recognise from any classic hip hop tune of the 90s), turntables and a multitrack recorder. The record was built up layer by layer without any sequencing or additional effects. In itself it’s both a raw and rugged, human blast of blues and a highly technical example of sound manipulation. Live, using two SP1200s and three turntables, San turns it into a showcase for what making music with machines can really mean. A stunning, exhilarating live performance from a music-maker at the top of his game.

So come for the fun and silliness, or come for the music, or come for both, but come. It may look like Kid Koala is messing around, but this is a serious musician.

Aslo introducing kid k’s very special guests:


  • Kid Koala
  • Adira Amram and the Experience
  • plus many surprises!

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