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Mar 2019 07


Oslo Hackney

Times: 7pm - 11pm

Hejira are the genre-defying band creating a name for stunningly curated eclecticism.

Hejira developed out of South East London’s vibrant and eclectic music scene, where in 2010 these four multi-instrumentalists set up home studio, “The House of Dreams”. Their debut album Prayer before Birth was received with high critical acclaim, launched by an epic live performance alongside an 18 piece ensemble. Since then, Hejira have cultivated a reputation for creating intelligent, soulful and genre-evaporating music.

Their highly anticipated second album, Thread of Gold, is set to be released in February, and looks to be an profoundly personal exploration of Rahel’s changing relationship with her homeland of Ethiopia after the death of her father. The band joined her in returning to Addis Ababa in 2016 and the record which follows is hewn with eloquent harmonies, subtle instrumentation and flows artfully through acutely personal and moving expression.

Hejira are intricate and effortless performers, seamlessly weaving together the many ribbons of their creativity into a intelligent and soulful sound. The unique synergy between the band lends itself to an incredibly powerful live experience. This is a stunning opportunity to see new music performed live from this groundbreaking band.

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