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Flying Lotus – Exclusive Live Show (SOLD OUT)
Oct 2011 22

Flying Lotus – Exclusive Live Show (SOLD OUT)

The Roundhouse

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Tickets: £OLD OUT

Flying Lotus – Live show in Collaboration with AntiVJ

Widely regarded as the world’s most groundbreaking producer, FLYING LOTUS’s staggering creative output has seen him evolve in a short number of years from a relatively unknown figure in the L.A. beat scene to one of the most talked about artists across a wide spectrum of the global musical landscape.

And if there is one certainty in life it’s that Steve Ellison’s creative stream is not about to dry up any time soon. Working round the clock on new material, remixes, collaborations, one-off musical installations and running his own record label the phenomenal talent that is Flying Lotus has also delighted his fans with a trickle of incredible live performances in the last couple of years.

True to his non-conformist spirit, at each turn he has switched repertoire and general approach making his live shows as surprising and enriching as his much loved studio work. This performance will see the UK debute of Flying Lotus’ new live show which he is working on in collaboration with the hugely celebrated visual label; AntiVJ.  The show will be the result of months of collaboration and it will only be performed 3 times this year – once in London, once in Paris and once in Los Angeles

All you need to know for now is that this is the FLYING LOTUS show…. LIVE.


  • Flying Lotus ft. AntiVJ
  • Martyn (live)
  • Kutmah


Critical acclaim for Pattern+Grid World

“FlyLo’s well of invention looks to be in no danger of running dry.” – Pitchfork

“Is Flying Lotus the most interesting artist working in hip hop today?” – BBC

Critical acclaim for Cosmogramma

“These incredible next-level productions instantly render Timbaland and his ilk irrelevant.  It’s the in-sound from way, way out” – ***** Times

“As Flying Lotus, California’s Steven Ellison is doing for dubstep what Radiohead did for rock…an utterly bewildering, magical record” – NME

“It feels like a game changer in the same way that DJ Shadow’s Entroducing did back in 1996.” – The Guardian Guide

“Ellison’s psychedelic outlook has led to him being called the Hendrix of his generation. Only whereas Jimi Hendrix pointed his guitar in cosmically inclined new directions, Ellison is doing the same with computers.” – Observer

“Cosmogramma is Wim Wenders, Harry Smith, Carl Jung, Run Run Shaw and Sam Delany on a night drive through Blade Runner’s Los Angeles listening to Madlib and Kode 9 remixes of My Brother the Wind volume II and My Life in the Bush of Ghosts” – Wire

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