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Dizraeli – Sold Out
Apr 2016 28

Dizraeli – Sold Out

Sebright Arms

Tickets: £10.50 12.50

Times: 19 - 23

Dizraeli brings his amazing new live show to the intimate Sebright Arms

Eat My Camera Tour 2016


Dizraeli is a rapper, multi-instrumentalist and sometime singer taking hiphop to new terrains.

Dizraeli is a rapper, multi-instrumentalist and singer taking hiphop to new terrains. Having gone solo in 2009 to record his debut album ‘Engurland (City Shanties)’, and then spent six years writing and touring with his band Dizraeli & The Small Gods, Dizraeli has gone solo once more to build a new sound.

Expect to hear very much music in the coming times, and it’ll be something like a howl from a hilltop, because time is short.



VIDEO – Dizraeli / Morning Light (LIVE)

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