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Chico Trujillo
Nov 2019 13

Chico Trujillo

EartH Hall

Tickets: £19.50

Times: 19:00 - 23:00

Chile’s legendary party band come to London for a sensational night of fiery cumbia, rock, and ska

Chico Trujillo is Chile’s most prominent Cumbia band. Their mixture of classic cumbia and hints of rock and ska mean they’re the  They are the soundtrack to every party and have played in iconic venues from around the world. Their mixture of classic cumbia and hints of rock and ska has assured them audiences from every generation and every walk of life.

Chico Trujillo started as an offshoot of punk/Ska band LaFloripondio in 1999. Fifteen years and six albums later, the offshoot has come to symbolize a uniquely Chilean cocktail. One that is rooted in the cumbias of the pre-Pinochet days and manages to incorporate every aspect of Chile’s popular culture. They have meshed bits and pieces of Chile’s fragmented past with the global influence of alternative culture and merged it all under the pan-latin banner of Cumbia.

Headlining East London’s newly renovated EartH, expect Chico Trujillo to transport you out of grey London streets into palm-tree laden, sunshine-filled Chilean lanes. Knock back the tequila and strap on your dancing shoes.

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