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Carlos Cipa
Oct 2019 03

Carlos Cipa

St Pancras Old Church

Times: 7pm - 11pm

The classically-trained pianist, comes to London for an incredibly rare show, as cinematic as it is intimate.

Carlos Cipa is a classically trained pianist, composer and producer who combines classical concepts with pop culture- without reservations or cliches. Besides his solo work, he is a keen collaborator, creating music for film, TV, and theatre; his distinct orchestral compositions remain as intimate as they are cinematic.  Precisely because Carlos Cipa breaks apart conventional musical structures and constantly exploits unfamiliar sound worlds, his sound remains unique and with it he captures crowds of big festivals just the same as the audience of hundreds of clubs and concert halls all over Europe.

Later this year, he is set to release his third album Retronyms which sees Cipa bring together his background as a classically trained pianist and composer with his interest for experimental forms and pop music. On Retronyms, improvisation goes hand in hand with the high art of composition while acoustic(and partly unusual)instruments like the celestameet with electronic production methods or analogue synthesizers. Each note on this album is meticulously thought through and yet Retronyms radiates with visceral liveliness.

This October, Carlos Cipa comes to the stunning St Pancras Old Church, London for an incredibly rare show to perform his upcoming new album along with stunning original material.

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