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Bryon Wallen plays Boards of Canada

Bryon Wallen plays Boards of Canada

Thekla - Bristol, Earth - London

Times: 7pm Doors

Byron Wallen’s Gayan Gamelan Ensemble


Boards of Canada’s Music Has The Right To Children

Having previously sold out two nights at London’s famous venue the Jazz Cafe, Byron Wallen comes to EartH, Hackney and Bristol’s Theklafor two incredible shows in January. 

His fantastic show pays homage to Boards of Canada’s seminal album Music Has the Right to Children with work his rarely used gamelan ensemble for a truly unique night

“Hairs sprung up on the back of my neck, and the audience screamed with appreciation” – Resident Advisor 

One of the undisputed heavyweight acts in music, Music Has the Right to Children stands as the Scottish duo’s magnum opus, made all the impressive by the fact that it was their debut record.

An adult meditation on childhood, concerned with play, naïveté and nostalgia, all tinted with rosy pastoralism, the sensitivity of the compositions marry beautifully with Byron’s orchestration of the gamelan sound.

Byron Wallen                 Trumpet + conches

Chris Jerome              Keyboards

Paul Michael                  Bass

David Dyson                   Drums

Gayan Gamelan ensemble:

Freddie Abel Parish     Saron, Trumpet

Wilf  Diamond                Gongs, Trombone

James Wade-Sired       Saron Demung, Peking, Trombone

Thomas Morley             Bonang Barung, Keyboards

Tara Jerome               Bonang Panerus, Keyboards


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