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Nov 2018 04


Oslo, Hackney

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Tickets: £12

Times: 7pm - 10pm

Psychedelic blues-based guitar lines set against dazzling supernova synths bumping rhythms.

Four-piece outfit Boogarins have undeniably set out on a quick road to international stardom, getting festival floors swaying from São Paulo’s Lollapalooza to Vancouver’s LEVITATION (not neglecting the renowned desert valley of Coachella earlier this year…). With their consistency and commitment to touring, it’s no surprise that their fanbase is not only at an international level, but that it has blown up at such a speed.

There is an extreme humility to the fact that the band stemmed from the friendship of childhood friends Benkhe and Dinho – who first begun playing together during their school days. A few years later, having recruited a rhythm section, they released their home-recorded LP, ‘As Plantas Que Curam’ in 2013. Fast track from the days of practising in their parents gardens, and you’ve got a band that’s been nominated for Latin Grammy’s, being appraised by the New York Times, and has inspired MOJO magazine to award the band it’s “MOJO rising distinction”.

The bands cultural heritage certainly permeates their sound, but despite Brazil being host to a certain rock-tradition, Boogarins certainly don’t prescribe to it. Bringing a modern lense onto the rich musical history of South-America, the group have found their niche within the psych-community. Their vocals infused with their native tongues of Brazilian- portuguese lend the long and drawn out vowels laid onto the lush, fuzzed out synths. Sensually warm guitar tones that seamlessly glide under the ethereal voice of Dinho Almeida and melodic repetitions through clouds of reverb… they certainly make us nostalgic for Tame Impala’s early work.

Joining Boogarins is one man band Chiminyo who will

With glowing global praise, prepare to be launched into a breezy fuzz-rock & Tropicalia fusion that makes the cosmic collision of Boogarins.

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