Not a stranger to topping charts, WAR has sold more than 50 million records since its formation. Their classic tunes like “Why Can’t We Be Friends,” “Low Rider,” “The World Is A Ghetto,” and  “The Cisco Kid,” have seen the tops of Billboard’s Top 10 hits, and Fifteen of WAR’s albums have achieved Gold Status in the US. Many of their albums have also gone multi-platinum, including “Eric Burdon Declares War” (1970), “Black Man’s Burdon” (1971), “All Day Music” (1971), “WAR Live” (1972), “The World Is A Ghetto” (1972), “Deliver The Word” (1973), “Why Can’t We Be Friends” (1975), “Greatest Hits” (1976), “Platinum Jazz” (1976), “Galaxy” (1977), “The Music Band” (1979), and “Best of WAR and More” (1986). 

Having been in the business for so long, WAR have become true industry icons. Even now, their legacy continues to reverberate both within the industry and in general pop culture, with Former US President, Barack Obama, placing  “All Day Music” on his summer playlist, and artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Flo-Rida, Thomas Rhett, Tupac, Smash Mouth, Janet Jackson, Dave Matthews, and Korn continuing to sample WAR’s tunes in their own work. This is just a handful of examples demonstrating of WAR’s influence still being felt in modern times. More recently, LA Weekly declared WAR in the top 10 concerts of 2018. The group has been honored numerous times by the City of Los Angeles for its community involvement, as well as many other communities throughout the world.

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