Slum Village

One of the most iconic and influential Hip Hop collectives of all time, Slum Village, are returning to London for one massive night of old-school flows and J Dilla-produced classics at Electric Brixton. Don’t miss the resurrection of the late, great producer’s sonic legacy on this rare evening with Hip Hop royalty.

Emerging from Detroit’s underground Hip Hop scene in the early 90’s, friends BaatinT3 and producer J Dilla quickly rose to notoriety for their immaculately produced beats and laid back flows that were unlike anything before them. Their first release thus found its way into the hands of A Tribe Called Quest’s legendary MC Q-Tip, who distributed it amongst Hip Hop’s elite and set in motion a trajectory to fame that saw the Slum Village-sound become incredibly influential during the 90’s and early 2000’s. Particularly, after the release of their now legendary album ‘Fantastic Vol. 2’.

In recent years, the collective has been struck by enormous tragedy with the passing of both J Dilla and Baatin. However, T3 and young producer Young RJ are keeping the work of Dilla alive as they continue to create music and tour the world together. Ever since, the pair boast collaborations with the likes of Kanye WestPhife DawgDe La Soul and John Legend.

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