Roberto Fonseca

Roberto Fonseca burst onto the world jazz stage in 1990 with his debut at the Havana Jazz Festival and went on to astound audiences across the world as a member of Buena Vista Social Club and the internationally acclaimed orchestra of Ibrahim Ferrer, then in 2007 he released his debut album ‘Zamazu’ to global acclaim.

Ten years and several solo albums later, Fonseca has proved to be an ingenious composer who draws on a wide and eclectic range of musical traditions and genres. His dazzling music draws on the traditions of Cuban and African music but he brings the lyricism of Herbie Hancock and the drive of McCoy Tyner as well as an unparalleled gift for melody. Fonseca returns to Ronnie’s performing music from across his repertoire including last year’s ‘Abuc’ that tells the rich story of Cuban music through a riotous, rousing kaleidoscope of dancing colours.

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