GoGo Penguin

GoGo Penguin have been internationally hailed as electrifying live performers, innovative soundtrack composers, and as a collective who channel electronic and club culture atmospheres alongside, minimalist jazz and rock influences to create music that pulses and flows from the dancefloor to meditative inner-worlds, transporting us into brand new realms.

Their new album GGP/ RMX (Blue Note Lab/May 7) is a brilliant, vivid, reimagination of their self-defining masterwork, GoGo Penguin (released last June on Blue Note Records) and features an array of the world’s sharpest artist-producers and remixers, including remixes from Squarepusher, CorneliusMachinedrumYosi HorikawaRone, Nathan Fake808 State, Clark and James Holden who DJs tonight,

GoGo Penguin are:

Chris Illingworth – piano

Nick Blacka – bass

Rob Turner – drums

Joe Reiser – sound

The Radiohead of British jazz”  (Line of Best Fit)

Powered by fluttering, junglist drums, slithering bass lines and an increasing bank of Eno-esque digital manipulations. Hypnotic stuff.”  (The Guardian)

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