DJ Food

Strictly Kev has been involved with the multi-producer DJ Food project on Ninja Tune for over 25 years, being the sole remaining member for over 15. He’s DJ’d the world over with Food originators Coldcut and PC as well as performing 4 deck Audio Visual sets with Solid Steel radio main man DK.

From 1995’s ‘Recipe For Disaster’ onwards, he’s mixed 100s of hours of audio for compilations (Including Coldcut’s Journey’s By DJ mix), radio and the web using his 30+ years of experience and vast record collection.

In tandem he has enjoyed a career as chief designer for Ninja Tune since the early 90’s, running parallel with his music making. In 2010 he was responsible for the entire look and design of the Ninja Tune XX campaign and releases that celebrated 20 years of the label.

His last album, 2012’s ‘The Search Engine’, featured JG Thirlwell (Foetus), The The’s Matt Johnson and Natural Self across several vocal cuts. The launch party was conducted in the London Planetarium with a 50 minute 360 degree full dome visual showcase made by Kev in conjunction with their astronomers. 

In recent years he’s written articles for The Quietus, Shindig!, Dust & Grooves and Rough Trade’s 40th book and frequently documents his collecting finds on his site. At home with vinyl, digital or audio visual content, he’s a member of the 45Live DJ crew and contributes to the Out Of The Woodl radio show collective. A champion of the leftfield with a love of sci-fi, collage and psychedelia, he continues to look for new ways to present music and image outside the normal conventions of clubland with his new audio visual night, Further..

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